Why cloudflare cache not working properly..?

Hi i want to ask why after i call the purge the url cache api, when the page is call at other region like uk it is MISS, but then when i call the same page website back at malaysia is still MISS shouldnt it be hit…?

On subsequent requests it will be a hit.

When you choose the Purge by URL (single-file) option in the Caching app, that cached resource is immediately removed from the stored assets in your Content Delivery Network (CDN) across all data centers. Any new request for the purged asset gets the latest version from your origin web server and adds it back to your CDN cache within the specific Cloudflare data center that served the request

Or is it because of above of that after is purge all the data is remove from all data centers, and will only add back to ur specific data center that severed the request, which it explains that in malaysia will get miss, since the data centers is in london when it fetch the cache data…


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