Why CloudFlare APO ALWAYS ByPass My Website Header Image?

Hello everyone. I have a small issue and i would like your help please.
I have a fairly simple wordpress website New tab (giftalisa.com)
Im using Cloudflare’s free plan along with APO to make my website faster and pass the pagespeed insights test.
for some reason the Cloudflare APO never caches my website header image (the monalisa banner)
and it always give me this ( cf-cache-status:BYPASS)
and it never ever show up this too (cf-edge-cache)
its the same thing with the fonts too which are hosted locally.
how can i point or force APO to cache this header image? i tried the cache everything page rule but it didn’t solve the problem but who knows maybe im missing something here…
any help is appreciated.
thank you and please accept my apology because i don’t know where to categorize this topic.

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