Why chrome uses tttturl.com proxy for google search

I’m not sure which area this problem exactly relates to, but I reckon it’s about DNS over HTTPS.
I’ve set Clourflare custom DNS which was created in my Zero Trust settings.
Now, when I search something from the address bar in Chrome, I get very strange looking results. I investigated and saw there is a call made to tttturl.com which then redirects to google and uses different query format, which results in bad formatting of search results.
Looking up tttturl.com shows me it belongs to Cloudflare.
Now I need to understand why search is proxied and how to get rid of this?
Note that this doesn’t occur in Firefox (so I reckon user-agent has something to do with this too).

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The whois for that domain indicates that the registrant uses Cloudflare DNS. Compare it with the whois records for cloudflare.com and cloudflare.net and it becomes clear that Cloudflare is unlikely to be the operator of tttturl.com.

I would check your Chrome browser and addons for malware.

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