Why change nameserver

I want to use Cloudflare to speed up my website(serving only css and javascript etc.). it asks me to change the nameserver of my domain. after doing this my website is down which makes sence because it is not pointing to my server anymore. the question is why should it work because when I change the nameserver it is pointing to Cloudflare completely and Cloudflare does not have all my server data. so why and how it is suposed to work?

During setup, Cloudflare tries to scan all public DNS records for your domain. And then it shows you what it finds, then gives you the opportunity to add anything it missed. At that point, your Cloudflare DNS should match all the records your current host has.

Once you switch name servers, your site will work just as it did before, and hostnames set to :orange: receive Cloudflare’s enhanced services.

Without using Cloudflare’s name servers, Cloudflare can’t route your traffic through their proxy servers to provide these enhanced services.

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