Why change name server?

Hi guys! I just received an email to change my name server. In the DNS menu, it shows completely different DNS than what I got in the email. Why did I receive this email? This was in the email: Hi there,

In order to get uplay.hu running on Cloudflare, you need to update your nameserver (NS) records to point to Cloudflare. This critical final step only takes a few minutes.
Update your nameservers
Login to your registrar
Find instructions for your specific registrar
Update your current nameserver records with the ones we have assigned to uplay.hu:

  1. kyree.ns.cloudflare.com
  2. mallory.ns.cloudflare.com
    Only these two Cloudflare nameservers should be listed at your registrar. All other nameservers must be removed.

Now this is set and working flawlessly. Do I have to adjust or leave it as it is?

The current nameservers announced by Cloudflare are clyde and fay. If these are the ones shown in your dashboard as well, then I guess we can safely say they are the right ones.

I am not quite sure why you would receive an email pointing to mallory and kyree. Are you sure this email was really sent by Cloudflare? Can you verify that?

I’m sure Cloudflare sent it. I think I leave it that way and ignore the email as long as it works properly.

Maybe open a support ticket for clarification.

Where can I open a Support ticket? I’m not familiar with this, so far I haven’t had a problem with it.


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Thank you very much!

It looks like the nameservers were toggled away from cf. As noted, they are currently correct.

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All right! Thanks for the reply!

cloonan via Cloudflare Community <[email protected]> (időpont: 2020. jún. 2., K, 18:59) ezt írta:

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