Why can't write certificate.crt with acme?

I want to create and write certificate.crt with acme:

sudo su -l -s /bin/bash acme
curl  https://get.acme.sh | sh
export CF_Key="xxxx"
export CF_Email="[email protected]"

CF_Key is my global api key in cloudflare,CF_Email is the register email to login cloudflare.

acme.sh --issue --dns dns_cf -d domain.com

To write key into specified directory:

acme.sh --install-cert -d domain.com     
        --key-file /usr/local/etc/certfiles/private.key     
        --fullchain-file /usr/local/etc/certfiles/certificate.crt  

It encounter problem:

[Tue Jul 27 01:12:15 UTC 2021] Installing key to:/usr/local/etc/certfiles/private.key
cat: /home/acme/.acme.sh/domain.com/domain.com.key: No such file or directory

To check files in /usr/local/etc/certfiles/

ls  /usr/local/etc/certfiles/

No certificate.crt in /usr/local/etc/certfiles/.
How to fix then?

Hi @personha,

This doesn’t look like a Cloudflare issue, there doesn’t seem to be an error in the DNS validation. It looks like something you will need to address with your server setup.

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