Why can't we add locality domains?


Locality domains are a thing, so a lot of people can get their own domain that looks something like name.city.state.us.

You can read more about that here: Obtaining a locality domain

What I’m asking is… why can’t we add these domains? And is there a way to add those domains to Cloudflare? Cloudflare rejects anything that’s a subdomain code 1099. Is there a reason for that?


The signal in the area down

You can’t use Cloudflare on locality domains because you don’t control the DNS. They’re actually a subdomain.

When you file an application, you do get to send them a list of nameservers that they’ll point to.

As far as I can tell, “cincinnati.oh.us” is the domain with the name servers, and nguyen is a subdomain.

If you want nguyen to be served by Cloudflare, all of cincinnati.oh.us must be as well.

I haven’t tried adding a third level domain, so I don’t know if Cloudflare can handle this.