Why can't we add domain with .Ch cctld?

Hello experts

May I ask. Why can’t we add domain with .Ch cctld ?

The error said : "The domain is not registered "

It looks like a name server issue:

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Thanks Sdayman but the domain was registered more than 1 year ago and already have nameservers. It is already live with another parking site.

I don’t see any issue or conflict with any of the 4 points above.

I bet I can find one


Screen Shot 2022-07-14 at 5.13.50 PM

I guess it’s the 5th one that is an issue.

Actually i used other nameservers which was a landing page. And when I tried to add to Cloudflare, it has that error as mentioned above. It has been weeks and I couldn’t add domain name to the Cloudflare.

Then I just changed to Cloudflare nameservers several hours ago , just to try out if I can add the domain to Cloudflare after change the namesrver to Cloudflare. But still not working.

So in short, I tried several nameservers:

non Cloudflare nameservers - got error (several weeks since early July)
Cloudflare nameservers - got error (since July 14 until today)

You just need working responsive servers before adding to cf. Even better if you have a working site with ssl in place. Can your registrar revent them to their default?

I hope and I am afraid that there is an issue with using the DIG command for Swiss domains, .ch ccTLD.

I am not sure how Cloudflare does the check, but my best guess is DIG running in the background too? :thinking:

Could be I am wrong and hope it’s just about the propagation time, but recent article could help for troubleshooting maybe?:

Doing a lookup on nic.ch, I can see Cloudflare nameservers jeremy and ara.

But, using any other resolver, even digwebinterface online tool, none of them show up, while on I got the error “REFUSED”.

Nevertheless, for example using DIG on domain.ch works normally. So, I guess I am wrong here as it works:

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