Why can't I upgrade from Free to Pro?

I’ve been trying for the longest time to upgrade from Free to Pro without any luck. When I go to the checkout I just get a spinning wheel. And the option to upgrade via the Overview Subscription section isn’t there either.

What gives?

Can you try with a different browser and/or disable any ad-blocking software? Also, if you’re on a corporate network, maybe try from a different wifi network (in case your network MITM’s SSL, filters certain requests, etc).

I had trouble with this too.
I suggest adding a payment method first, then attempt to upgrade.
Also disabling any eventual adblock or software extension you may have.

Just tried a new browser on a different PC on a different network. Setup a payment method. And nothing. Still a spinning circle.

Hi @jar, I am very sorry for the difficulty. That zone is on a partial partner plan setup. I think the best route is to purchase a subscription through them. The option would be to create an account with Cloudflare directly and move the zone to the new account (note this second option would impact your DNS records, name servers, and general set up processes).

Thank you. I guess my next question is who is the partial partner the plan is setup with? My hosting company?

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Yes, best to contact them.

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