Why can't I include URLs in my CloudFlare Community posts?

I just joined this Cloudflare Community to report a bug that I am experiencing with redirects on my website.

Instead, I keep getting a Cloudflare Community error message saying “Sorry, you can’t include links in your posts.”

It is really hard (impossible?) for me to explain my error without being able to include URLs in my forum posts.

Can anyone explain why I am getting this error, and how to fix the problem?

Hello there,

Welcome to the Cloudflare community

That’s bit hard at the beginning when you want to share something & fix the issue asap but not able to do so. This is in order to prevent spam links, initially, user is not allowed to post. However, if you follow the community guide & tips, you’ll receive the privilege. You can learn more from #CommunityTip or #tutorial

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Thanks for replying. Yes, I assumed that it was a way to prevent new users from spamming URLs.

Do you know how long it takes new users to be able to submit URLs? (Is it a manual permission process from the moderators, or an automatic length-of-time process?)

I haven’t been able to find this information by searching through the forums so far.

I’m not sure exactly. However, as early as possible if you regularly keep visiting the forum, read the related articles and learn more.

As I know, it’s automatic. Yet, the moderator & expert members in the field have the privilege to grant you to post urls.

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For now, just post links like www example com or whatever, put a space in it so the forum thingy doesn’t make it into an actual link. The “trust” upgrade is automatic but that doesn’t really help you with your immediate problem.

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Message @discobot to take the Discourse forum orientation. It will help advance your account.

I like using code blocks for domain names, such as example.com. It’s also handy when you need more than one line, like:


You’ve disabled me in your preferences. You need to allow new user onboarding tips to interact with me.

I can’t work out how to directly message you. Or how to un-disable you in my preferences.

Send me the new user onboarding tips.

You’ve disabled me in your preferences. You need to allow new user onboarding tips to interact with me.

OK, I found how to change that setting via preferences → interface.

Can you send me the new user onboarding tips.

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

(post deleted by author)

I am on the page for Discobot https://community.cloudflare.com/u/discobot and genuinely can’t see how to send the user a DM. Is that something that I can even access?

This is getting very complicated, when all I want to do is to be approved to share URLs in my forum posts!

(And, no, even though I can share that Cloudflare Community URL in this post, I am not able to share external URLs).

Could an admin who sees this message please simply grant me URL posting privileges? It is a frustrating number of hoops that I am having to jump through.

You can post URLs be escaping them, simply have them in `


Thank you, I have just used this technique to create a post with my question here: Some URL redirections have stopped working. Others continue to work. Reasons?

I still think that the Cloudflare Community auto-rules for new users make it too frustrating for new users, who should be able to directly post hyperlinks more quickly.

I do agree that not posting links can cause problems. However, I’ve been here when with hyperlink spam attacks and the results are not fun.


I bumped your permissions so you won’t hit that. Follow all the suggestions in this thread.

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