Why can't I Iframe my site

Why can’t I Iframe my site into Google Sites when Cloudflare is turned on? If I pause Cloudflare it Iframes with no problem.

May I ask if you use Cloudflare workers?

Do you have any X-Frame HTTP header at your host/origin?

It depends if the website allows that or not. You can check every website in the developer tools of your browser

May I ask what have you tried or which steps have you done to embed your website into the Google Sites?

Have you recently created your Google Sites or?

Could it be related to an Hotlink option being enabled at Cloudflare dashboard?
Moreover, I did not saw any option to enable X-Frame at Cloudflare dashboard (there is an X-Content-Type-Options, but I believe it has nothing to do with it).

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It is a basic WP site hosted elsewhere.

If you aren’t able to check your site’s headers in response to the above questions, post the URL of the site that’s running through Cloudflare.

That URL is not running through Cloudflare right now. Once you proxy it, you can check it at GTMetrix.com and look at Waterfall view. Click the + next to your homepage URL to check for the headers @fritex mentioned.

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I have made a quick check and I do not see any X-Frame-Options HTTP header if it could be related to it.
Only X-XSS-Protection 1; mode=block and X-Content-Type-Options nosniff regarding the security headers.

As far as I have tested, I can embed your website using <iframe> to Google Sites.

But, this is currently tested and from now what I see for your A record you have :grey: or Paused Cloudflare? Can you switch it back to :orange: so I can test again while being proxied via Cloudflare?

Here is a screenshot it works:

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