Why cant i deliver video and pics? Section 2.8? Whats going on?

Hey got an email i was violating section 2.8 of your terms but im confused. Ive seen everywhere advertised the bandwidth alliance partnership you have and the way i discovered Cloudflare was on ycombinator the ceo had replied to people that it was a good example to use bandwidth alliance partners to deliver pics and video, and as long as you dont abuse caching on the free plan would be ok. Anyway, if 100tb a month is a lot for free plan im willing to pay the 20usd for premium as i was planning to do it anyway for the security features, but i find this very weird. Would be much better to contact me first before cutting off service. I use Cloudflare for all my sites and apps and the service is great but need some help regarding communication lol. Im not abusing the caching system and have turned it off so not to cause issues so don’t know what this is about. Tried to open ticked but automated system said to post on community instead.

You need to ensure that you deliver the video through a separate hostname to your website, and set that hostname to be :grey:. It is not really a cache issue, section 2.8 prohibits using Cloudflare for delivering video.


then why is the bandwidth alliance for? I choose a provider that advertised to use Cloudflare to not have bandwidth fees. The CEO of Cloudflare suggested that provider on a post on ycombinator … this messaging is weird. Do you know how much does Cloudflare charges if i want them to deliver my videos? I don’t care about caching or other things. Just deliver .mp4 or .mov files. Is the pro enough or do they charge by bandwidth also? And how do i get in touch with a human from their team?

To not pay for egress frees. But it’s different from video delivery.

No, it requires Enterprise. Contact Sales from the main website.

Either Enterprise, as I said, or their Cloudflare Stream product.

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thanks for the reply. will see what sales says thnx

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