Why can't I delete my domain?

I’m trying to delete one of my domain, but I can’t receive the email with confirmation code (tried resend the email many times). Where does the email go to?

I show them as delivered. From where are you trying to delete what site?

I tried to delete my domain ‘railtomail.com’ several times, can’t find the confirmation code mails in the super admin’s mailbox (gmail). I also invited another account and signed it as a super admin and this one’s mailbox (amazonworkmail) did not receive any mails with confirmation code too. Deleting domain operation gives a tips says cloudflare will send confirmation code mail to all super admins mailbox but none of them received any kind of mail.

It appears this domain is registered with Cloudflare.
You need to turn auto-renew off on the domain if you do not want it registered again.

As for deleting a domain that is currently registered with Cloudflare Registrar, it is currently not possible:

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