Why can't I add my domain

I’ve requested for a domain on eu#org(What an anti-spam!It is a dot),and this morning I’ve been informed that the request has been approved.

However,when I came to Cloudflare and tried to migrate in the domain,I was told,

huzpsb#eu#org#is#not#a#registered#domain(otherwise the anti-spam won’t allow me tp post this…LINK)

I’ve also tried to spell it in capitals.Still wasn’t it accepted.
Can anybody tell me what I should do?Thanks!


Your domain doesn’t currently return an answer for a NS lookup.

Make sure you’ve got working nameservers before trying to add it to Cloudflare.

Well I see…
But as eu#org doesn’t provide a ns,can you tell me where can I get a temporary free ns as quick as possible?Thanks!

Hurricane Electric have a free, authoritative service.


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thank you!

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