Why can not use my own ssl certificates?

My site has a GeoTrust ssl certificates. but use your Cloudflare, my site’s ssl certificates became Cloudflare Universal SSL certificate.
Can I use my own ssl certificates replace yours?
My Cloudflare Plan is Pro. And it is enough for me. I want not update to Business only for ssl.
How to do?

Using your own certificate on Cloudflare’s servers is an advanced feature requiring a Business or Enterprise plan.

Your certificate encrypts your server. Cloudflare’s certificates encrypt their servers. Visitors connect Cloudflare before Cloudflare connects to your server.

There’s no way around this, except to upgrade to a Business plan.

Is there a reason you need your visitors need to see your GeoTrust certificate?

no, but I have a question.
Your Cloudflare Universal SSL certificate will expire at 2019-1-11, it is only half a year.
How to extended to one year? and Need my site contiune to use own ssl certificates with your Cloudflare server?

The Cloudflare SSL certificate auto-renews, so you don’t have to worry about that.

You need to keep some sort of certificate on your server to use Full mode. Either renew the GeoTrust one, create a self-signed one, or install a free Cloudflare Origin certificate.



Good answer @sdayman - this is spot on! Thanks for contributing.


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