Why can I only have one active tunnel?

When I create a tunnel, it tells me to install the connector, and I do that. All is well, the tunnel immediately works. My domain extension and everything works fine. I can connect to my server through the subdomain.

Theres only ONE major issue… I can only make one active tunnel

While creating the second tunnel, it gives me the same token / connector command that I used to make the first one (which makes zero sense??) so when I run it, it says its already installed but the thing still says on the website that the connector isnt there.

HOWEVER… if I delete the first tunnel that is working, and I use the exact same install command with that one… it WORKS FINE… and then the second tunnel is the active one, and I still cant make more than one…

The only other way to make these tunnels run is by manually creating a tunnel with the terminal (Digital ones dont have credential files so they dont work) and then running them myself .

This isn’t terrible, but it means I have to put much more work into making them run (Navigating to my .cloudflared folder and the install folder for the app. I then have to open consoles and drag a shell script in that’s preloaded with a command to take in the custom config file. I also have to keep terminals open all the time or else they shutdown.

What are my options?? I really wanted to do more than one server automatically… Is this something that I have to pay for?.. I bet its some paywal. It wouldnt surprise me