Why Cached is always at 0 byte

Good evening,
I setup Cloudflare for my website in free pack.
My site is done with Wordpress.
My hosting is SiteGround that have cloudflare included in options.
For Optimise the websiteI use :

  • SG Optimizer
  • Perfmatters

The speed is good :
GT Metrix :
PageSpeed Score A(96%) YSlow Score C(75%)

Webpagetest :
First Byte Time - A
Keep-alive Enabled - A
Compress Transfer - A
Compress Images - A
Cache static content - A
Effective use of CDN - X (It mean 0)

Pingdom :
Performance grade B-82
Page size - 2.4 MB
Load time - 2.40 s
Requests 86

PageSpeed Insights :
LapTop 60
With the PageSpeed Insight the mobile is FATAL. 30

I optimized all what I could.
What I don’t understand is the cache of CloudFlare, all the content of the website is Static. But as I understand nothing is getting cached :

Is there any reason for this ?
Thanks for whom can give some idea.

With a Total Data Served count of 70kB, something is wrong.

What’s the domain?

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That site isn’t using Cloudflare. It’s using Siteground’s name servers and is served directly from Siteground.

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But I have activated the website to use Cloudflare :

Only www uses Cloudflare, but then it’s redirected to no-www.

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Ahhhh, Ok,
I will try to check and arrange. Thanks
I will be back to reply and if solved close the topic.

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Ok, now it is working. But the score of performance and speed gone down. I will keep doing test in next hours to see if it will be better.
The only test that got a bit better is the PageSpeed Insights, all others looks lower

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