Why Cache-control max-age show ZERO

I have set all parameter and also rowser Cache TTL: a month, Edge Cache TTL: a month
but still header pass cache-control: max-age=0, no-cache, must-revalidate, no-store and after 1 hours cache expire means start from again…

any one help me for this to fix this issue…?

What’s the URL?


It looks good to me.

Yes but why its expire afte 1hours… as i set good value

if you simply check dilllin.com header there cache-control: max-age=0, no-cache, must-revalidate, no-store

like this

As I said (EDIT: Oops, that may have been in another thread), that’s HTML, and Cloudflare doesn’t cache that, nor would you ever want to in eCommerce.

Are you seeing a cf-cache-status of EXPIRED?

Basically normally Cache build in server side also but if i run website after 1 or 2 hours its directly hit on server means website load without cache… and im using Magento 2

Whatever value you set is a maximum cache time. Cloudflare evicts low traffic files before the cache expires to make room for high-demand resources.

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