Why Argo Tiered Caching is not working


I payed for Argo but the Tiered Caching feature doesn’t seem to work. :rage:

Individual Edge servers still keep loading content from my origin and they don’t share data between them as it’s claimed here Introducing Argo — A faster, more reliable, more secure Internet for everyone. In the article they claim that by paying for Argo cache miss rates are reduced by 60% but in my case after I payed my cache miss rate didn’t get reduced even one bit. It stayed the same which makes me think that the Argo Tiered Caching thing is a BIG SCAM

Are there other people with this issue?

They claim an average of 60%.

Cloudflare’s Argo is able to deliver content across our network with dramatically reduced latency, increased reliability, heightened encryption, and reduced cost vs. an equivalent path across the open Internet. The results are impressive: an average 35% decrease in latency, a 27% decrease in connection errors, and a 60% decrease in cache misses . Websites, APIs, and applications using Argo have seen bandwidth bills fall by more than half and speed improvements end users can feel.

The cache ratio is extremely dependent on the headers you send from the origin server. Also Tiered Caching isn’t a single request per resource worldwide, there are multiple local main POPs with some that are dependent on them.

Okay what header should I send so that the tiered caching starts working?
Is there a documentation for that? I feel that this is very important info so it should be documented somewhere, right?

No documentation, just send the standard Cache-Control headers. A link to a resource “not working” would be a good help.