Why aren't my static images being served by CF?


First of all, let’s get this out in the open: I’m an idiot about this stuff. Literally, talk to me like I’m a 3 year-old.

I’m on a Pro plan and I have an account for my domain. I have several subdomain for which I have A records.

The domain, and subdomains, are all WordPress sites.

I’m getting ridiculously slow loading times (Pingdom). When I look at the File requests section, I see that my images are being served form my server and not from Cloudflare.The subdomain I’m trying to figure out is: tvaw.seaportwebdesign.com

I thought Cloudflare would be serving all my static content? Am I supposed to upload images to Cloudflare manually?

Again (and I’m sure it’s obvious), I have no idea what I’m doing.

Any comments to help me speed up page loading would be greatly appreciated.

Hey slugger, you’re doing great!

Your pretty website is going through Cloudflare. It’s like you’re wearing a Halloween mask, but it looks JUST. LIKE. YOU! Except it protects you, and people see your face so much faster! But it’s still your speaking voice (you know, like what Voice Actors do). So you still have to speak loudly and clearly.

Tell your dad this: Your website goes through Cloudflare, but Cloudflare will cache the easy stuff (pictures) so your visitors get it a lot faster. The harder stuff (HTML) still has to come from your server.

If you want to speed up your site, you’ll have to put your big boy pants and get ready to work on Page Rules. Just let us know. 'mkay? (seriously, there are ways to do better, but proceed with caution)

Ha! Touchez!

Ok, if the subdomain is going through cloudflare then when I load the page, and view page source, why do I see that the URL for the images is the subdomain path? I expected the images to come from a cloudflare path?

Am I missing something?


Cloudflare is a reverse proxy. All traffic goes through Cloudflare without changing your URLs.

Hmmm. Ok. so then is there way to specify my image URLs (any URLs actually) so that CloudFlare serves them rather than my website?

In my CF setup/dashboard is there a way for me to see what CF is serving and what is being served by my website?

Or am I thinking about this incorrectly?

If you look at what Cloudflare is doing, you’ll see that images are cached at Cloudflare. Here’s a test that shows those results (scroll down for File Requests section):

Well then I’m back to square one. I haven’t the foggiest clue why my site takes 6.77 seconds to load.

Any idea what I should be looking at to change?

What URL did you type in? Some redirects slow things down. When I load the site with the canonical URL (the fully correct URL of the site), it loads in two seconds.

Try going into Cloudflare Dashboard’s SSL/TLS section for Edge Certificates and turn on “Always Use HTTPS”. That should speed up redirects when you type in http only. If I type in https, it’s pretty fast.

Ok, I turned on the Always use HTTPS feature. So I’ll keep my eye on it from here.

Thanks for spending time with me on this! Much appreciated.


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