Why are you guys Protecting an Illegal Gambling Site?

Take a look at {redacted]. They are an unregistered gambling site that is engaged in dicing and poker games, and the owners are cashing out to real money.

This is illegal.

They are also using the site to launder money. My question is, why is Cloudflare protecting an atrocious site such as this? At the very least, their contract should be suspended and the true IP addresses of their illegal site published.

Can’t you see the big blue text box at the top of the page? It clearly says

Please don’t complain about a particular site’s content or your inability to access a certain site, the Community cannot assist with those issues.

Use the actual abuse form please.


Beat me to the link.

Hi @papajuegosa4, thank you for the post, the link @Billy67 shared is the place to report suspect sites to our team. If you believe a site is breaking the law, please call the police and let our team know through that form. Please don’t share links to bad actors; alert your local law enforcement authorities.

They’ll contact us, good update on some recent activity here, https://techcrunch.com/2018/12/20/fbi-ddos-booter-sites-offline/.