Why are my threads being closed? I need community support. I'm not breaking rules

The topics were closed as they’re all related to the attack. In an effort to keep the discussion focused they were closed.

In reviewing them, there are some open questions.

Did you change the rate limit to see if that corrects the image issue?

Can you share the name of the site?

On that thread about the attack you confirmed the attack was being reduced. What requests are getting through and what additional steps have you taken to block or challenge those?

Are you blocking or challenging by ASN and user agent in addition to country?

Some additional resources that may be helpful https://www.cloudflare.com/learning/ddos/how-to-prevent-ddos-attacks/, How to prevent DDoS attacks · Prevent DDoS attacks · Learning paths and this one is a good entry point that will lead to some of the above resouces.

If it’s traffic from a country where the challenge by geo and blocks by ASN or user agent are not effective, you may want to block that country until you can refine the rules.

Sharing the site name will help others to check that. Until then, you may want to clear browser cache or try from a different browser to verify the results you are seeing.

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