Why are my Dns records not propagating?

I placed two Cname records targeting my website which is clickfunnels. I’d like to know why after a couple days, my dns records are not propagating. In the most basic answer as possible, please give me advice on how to solve my problem. Thank you very much.

There were some DNS update delays shown on https://www.cloudflarestatus.com/, but that was longer than a couple of days ago. Can you share the domain & record names and perhaps a screenshot (mask out IPs) of your dns records?

the domain is williamchan.co

Here are the other records. I’m not sure if this is what you mean by record names because I am a beginner at using this website.

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So what does this mean and why isn’t it still not propagating?

When I asked about my propagation not working, someone said that there were delays. So what does this mean and why does the dns checker still have “x” and my domain ? Here are my dns records if needed

Please explain what is happening and how I can resolve this. Thanks


The reason the records you are creating at Cloudflare are not taking effect, is because your domain’s nameservers dont currently point to Cloudflare. There should be 2 nameservers shown in the dashboard that you need to point to.

I’ve done this step and it still isn’t


Can anyone give me an answer?

:wave: @hudsongreg2348,

Your record is :orange: and thus proxied by Cloudflare. It will return as an A record and likely points to the right place. Are you experiencing an issue?

— OG

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Yes OG I want to make this propagate through a dns checker but I don’t know how to. But since you told me that it proxied, what do I do to solve my problem?

The Cloudflare IP address for an :orange: record doesn’t change when the origin does. If you open a web browser and go to the site does it work?

No so what should I do?

:wave: @hudsongreg2348,

Appears to load just fine for me. What error are you seeing?

— OG

I’ve reached out several times to this community and I still need a solution. My question is: How do I make my dns domain propagate? It is urgent and I really need answers! Can anyone please please please help me?

This dns checker thing

shows that they’re not propagating and I think that will cause some locations to not work on my site.

:wave: @hudsongreg2348,

No. As I said previously, your www is :orange: so Cloudflare is returning an A record not a CNAME. I asked if you try to visit the site if you get an error. You said you do, but did you actually test to see?

If you get an error with a web browser, post the error. Otherwise check for an A record, not a CNAME and you will see it propagated just fine.

— OG

I’ve been following this and reviewing this https://help.clickfunnels.com/hc/en-us/articles/360005906094-Cloudflare-CNAME-Record, and seems all is in order, but not seeing the record, either.

I didn’t see an A record pointing to your origin in your screen capture, but if you put the contents of the A record called williamchan.co into this tool, https://www.ultratools.com/tools/ipWhoisLookup, who owns the IP and is that your hosting provider/correct IP?

dig www.williamchan.co +short

Resolves as an A record because it’s set to be proxied by Cloudflare :orange: , site renders.

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cscharff I don’t understand what you mean by that. Can you dumb it down for me and explain what I have to do?