Why are cached files still being requested from the server, and how do I stop this?


I have a Wordpress blog, hosted on a third-party server, using CloudFlare. I have cached enabled, and yet when I look in the server logs, I see some files that are served up multiple times. I though the idea of CF caching them was that it wouldn’t pass the request on to the server, but would return the cached version.

Some example so such files are…


…and many more. That last one for example was served up nearly 1000 times in January, despite being a static file that hasn’t changed in months.

Any ideas how I fix this? I’m using a lot of bandwidth, and the server hosting company are wanting to charge me more for it.

Thanks for any help you can give. Please let me know if there is any more info I can supply.

Every edge node has several independent caching servers. And Cloudflare evicts low-use files from the cache if they’re not frequently used. So between those two factors, there are still going to be a lot of requests going to your host.

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