Why am I getting this error in super bot fight mode?

I’m trying to change super bot fight mode configuration, but I’m getting the next error:

Are you on an Enterprise plan?

No, it’s the pro plan

Are you the one and only Administrator (Super Administrator) of this account?

Yeah, I’m the only super administrator and I have another user as administrator. I tried to change the settings with both users but I can’t.

I’ve not seen that happen, and it just looks like the user attempting this doesn’t have the privileges to do so.

Can the other user toggle that setting?

Yeah, some days ago I didn’t get problems changing that setting, the error appear suddenly. I’ve tried changing other settings with both users, but it doesn’t work.

The fallback plan is the usual: Incognito Mode, Different Browser, Different Device.

Sure, I’ve tried all of this, but there is no results.

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