Why am I getting so many unique visitors showing on Cloudflare and not submitted to search engines?

I noticed that there has been so many unique visitors to my wordpress site when I selected to hide my site from search engines? Is Cloudflare giving me false positive of unique visitors? Or is it giving me analytics from one of my other domains?

What did you select to hide your site from search engines? There’s not much to stop crawlers from hitting your site.

I selected ‘Discourage search engines from indexing my site.’

When Cloudflare analytics indicates ‘Unique Visitors’, does that mean an actual person visiting my site, and any other visitors with different IP addresses visiting my site?

I am getting more unique visitors now, and I still can’t figure it out if I am getting so many visits. I have gotten almost 1,400 unique visitors and I have use Google Analytics and I am not finding anyone visiting my site. I did a Google search, a Bing search, a Yahoo search, and even searched Dogpile, and my site wasn’t showing up in anywhere.

It sounds like Discourage Search Engines… is working, since you’re not finding your site listed at major search sites. So it’s just tons of bots, which is normal. Google Analytics isn’t going to register that, as the bots aren’t going to process the Analytics script. And those are the bots that don’t care if your site’s robots.txt tells them to go away.

Oh, okay. Thank you @sdayman !

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