Why am I getting so many SSL certificate updates from Cloudflare

Ok, since 12:25PM (CDT yesterday, I have received 45 total emails from Cloudflare about SSL certificate updates! I do not have a root domain that’s active on Cloudflare (I only have it in my dashboard for demonstration purposes) so I shouldn’t recicve many SSL certificate updates from that source! I do have quite a few workers (but they should only trigger an SSL certificate update when you create the worker, not any other time)! Now I suspect it could be a result of my Cloudflare page (which is attempting to fetch a discourse repo, and I know it will fail to reach the website because I don’t have discourse on a hosting provider).

Below I have attached a few screenshots of some of the messages

And that’s not even all of them!

So my main question is this: Why the ■■■■ am I getting so many SSL certificate updates from Cloudflare? Are these legitimate emails or spoofed (fake) emails from Cloudflare?

I cannot determine from the screenshot, blurry are they to me when I try to zoom-in to find out.
At first glance, it sounds to me like it is related to Certificate Transparency notifications - could be I am wrong:

If you use a shared certificate, you may receive notifications for domains or subdomains that do not belong to you.

If so, you can opt-out using the instructions provided at the link below:


I am not familiar with this.
I’d suggest you to try to use :search: here at Community in case of any additional information, or try to write a ticket to Cloudflare Support for more information.

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I believe that I do have those notifications enabled in my dashboard, I’ll double-check to see and turn them (the Certificate Transparency notifications) off!

Hmm… I guess I don’t have those notifications enabled in my dashboard!

If it’s about CT Monitoring → this option should be enabled (or disabled) per added domain under the SSL/TLS tab → section “Edge Certificates” of Cloudflare dashboard of your CF account.

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