Why am I getting CAPTCHAs?



Hi I have a problem on my pc and this security it appears on every web page will you tell me what is wrong

Problem with the SSL certificate

Was there supposed to be an image attached? There’s not enough information in your post to know which message you’re seeing.



Yesterday I was watching football on batmanstream and today i cant because
something is blocked on my IP address , I tried on my mobile phone and my
laptop and I have the same problem on other sites, not just batmanstream


Here’s an article on why this happens:


my IP is clean and i have the same problem with the pages…


Hi, i have the same problem but like denkovski996 my ip is clean and i still get captchas everywhere.
This is Affecting my work, i’m a streamer and the software i use to go live use aloot of BrowserSourcers of streamlabs.com, now i can use the software 'cause all browserSourcers are getting block by this captch!
Plaease help!