Why am I getting a SSL mismatch error?

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I have been very happy since I started using Cloudflare. The services and quality of the services I provide are really good, but I have not been able to use Cloudflare since I got the SSL certificate on the web.

Whenever Cloudflare is active, I can not log in to the web site.

I have read and edited all the articles on the Internet, but I have not reached the end. Please do not spare your help in this regard

I wish you a good day.

It seems like the device your are trying to access the website doesn’t support the :cert:, probably due to SNI. What browser are you using?

This often happens when your Cloudflare SSL certificate hasn’t finished installing. What is the Status in the SSL section of your Crypto page?

I do not think this is about it. I work in a company’s IT department, and I have knowledge in this regard. I’m sure the problem is something else. I tried 4 browsers and they are all the same.



I’ve been waiting for 1.5 days before, but it has not improved. I did it yesterday for about 1 hour as a result of this operation, but the result was the same again. I had to delete the site Cloudflare so that the website did not stay closed.

Do I get the same error every time? Could it be related to SSL? I use Trust Safe SSL.

You didn’t say if the Status was Active or not. It should look like this:

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Clearly I did not mind checking out. But for a period of 1 day, the site was out of circulation and the problem was continuing. I had to cut off the connection with Cloudflare. I will link the web site again with Cloudflare tonight, and I will let you know.



Are you using the Free Universal certificate, or one of the paid Dedicated certificates?

Since this has already taken a couple of days, I recommend you open a Support ticket so Cloudflare can review your situation: Login & go to https://dash.cloudflare.com/?account=support

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I have specified the certification I used in the above comment. I use trust safe pro ssl. Paid SSL. I will wait for a few more days and notice.

That won’t work on Cloudflare’s Edge… You must have Universal SSL (default and free), a Dedicated Certificate (bought from Cloudflare at 5/10$ per month depending on the type) or upload yours (only if you are on the Business Plan or higher).

You can use whatever certificate you want for your origin (self-signed, free origin certificate from Cloudflare, third-party) but that won’t be visible to the users.

I’m still confused. It really looks like you’ve paid for a certificate here. Can you post a screenshot of this section of your Crypto page?

If it’s a Dedicated certificate, one option is to click “View” for that certificate, then Delete it. And then re-install it. You’ve already paid for it for the month, so there’s no extra charge to delete and re-issue.

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