Why am I getting a 1016 error?

I added nameservers for retractionwatch.com on Saturday morning, about 56 hours ago, to our domain at Bluehost.

Bluehost says the DNS propagation has been completed, but the site is still down. At http://retractionwatch.com, I get a 1016 error. Https://retractionwatch.com gives me

This site can’t provide a secure connection

retractionwatch.com uses an unsupported protocol.


My email server is also not working, and the MX record was changed to point to Cloudflare, but they’re not coming through. How do I troubleshoot that?


Hi @ivan-oransky, I was going to share this 1016 tip, Community Tip - Fixing Error: 530 / Error: 1016 Origin DNS Error. Upon closer inspection, you’re on a partial partner plan but your name servers are set to the ones assigned from Cloudflare. As such, this tip may be more helpful, Community Tip - Best Practices For CNAME setup / Partial setup. While bluehost says the DNS propagation is complete, your DNS tab will read something like “Your DNS zone file is hosted by a Cloudflare partner. Changes to your DNS settings must be made through the the partner site”. Another verification, on the SSL/TLS app, it will read inelligble for ssl.

I suspect the fix is to have your host switch your name servers back and set you up with ssl. The issue of ssl and hosting providers has come up a couple of times in the past month on this site, so there should be some recent threads as reference if you search for the name of your host and ssl on this site.

Thanks very much. If I switch my name servers back, that means I won’t be sending traffic through Cloudflare, right? I already get free SSL on Bluehost.

If you switch your name servers back to Bluehost, and use their Cloudflare Partner setup, they can still route you through Cloudflare.

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Thanks. Apparently we had A records pointing back to our own URL. Not sure how that happened, but I’ve deleted them and will give it some time to propagate.


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