Why "A" records get automatically changed into CNAME records

Why “A” records get automatically changed into CNAME records and that causing origin error. Please note I have integration with Ezoic.

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When you have integrated your Cloudflare account with Ezoic, any changes made to your DNS in Cloudflare will be overwritten by Ezoic. You must make all DNS changes in your Ezoic dashboard while using their integration.

For questions that pertain to changes made by Ezoic, their Community will be able to provide better answers.

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Thanks for the information, my ezoic A name setting is as below,


And currently the Cloudflare A name is same as above (This I changed manually, because it was getting changed in C NAME in Cloudflare automatically and cusing origin error)
Type: “A”
Name: “My Domain Name”
Content: “1xx.xx3.xx0.x3x” [Same as Ezoic record]
Proxy Status: “Proxied”
TTL: “Auto”

Note, in Cloudflare, after puting this A name manually the origin error gets resolved, but after 24 hours of this change the same will change into following
Type: “C NAME”
Name: “My Domain Name”
Content: “g[dot]ezoic[dot]net”
Proxy Status: “Proxied”
TTL: “Auto”

again will cause origin error.

Kindly help to resolve the issue.

You will want to take the issue up with Ezoic. Cloudflare doesn’t edit or change IP addresses on behalf of customers. A review of your audit log will confirm Ezoic is making the change.

I am new to this forum, do not know how to take it to ezoic directly…it seems this forum is the only wayout.

Change your password and change your API key to prevent Ezoic from making changes to your account if you aren’t using their services. If you are using their services, they are making the changes… beyond disabling their ability to do so there’s not anything else to do in Cloudflare.

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