Why a nonexistent, deleted subdomain is overriding my main domain?

I’ve made a mistake of creating a subdomain: page.connectorup.com attaching it to a landing page which resulted with it overriding my main domain pointing to a website. When I type in: connectorup.com I get this message:

This site can’t be reached

Check if there is a typo in www.page.connectorup.com.

I’ve ren the diagnostics, which resolved nothing. I’ve cleared out cookies and cache multiple times. I removed all, but one, of the DNS records and entered them again. I need my site to be working again. Can someone, please help me to fix it?

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You have connectorup.com redirecting to www.page.connectorup.com, which doesn’t exist.

You also have not actually created page.connectorup.com at all. That doesn’t exist either.

Remove the redirect you created and start over. What are you trying to accomplish? If you want page.connectorup.com to have its own site, you need to create an A record or a CNAME pointing at your hosting, according to how your hosting provider needs it set up.


Exactly. How do I remove the redirect? page.connectorup.com was connected to a landing page for like 5 minutes,
because I’ve noticed that it’s overriding the main domain: connectorup.com I’ve tried to ask the landing page people
and they said that it’s disconnected from the landing page already. I don’t want to use page.connectorup.com any more.
I want it deleted, disconnected and forgotten. I don’t want to use it. When I type: connectorup.com I want it to take me to
my website, not to something that doesn’t even exist. I don’t understand that something that

doesn’t exist can override something that exists. You can tell that I’m not very technical, can you :frowning: ? I’ve wasted so much
time trying to fix it. Can you help me? I would greatly appreciate it.


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How to remove the redirect very much depends on how you added it.

If you did it at Cloudflare, then it could be under Redirect Rules in your dashboard. It could also be under Page Rules.

If you have a redirect in either of those places, delete it.

If the redirect is coming from your web hosting server, you’ll have to find out from them how to change it.


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