Why a different ip when logging into Cloudflare



When I log into https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us I get a email sent to me that I am logging in from a different IP.

Can anyone tell why I get this message as I use the site for just forum support?

Cloudflare monitoring my IP address

Because you logged in. :wink:
It’s a security feature to notify you that someone used your account. If it was you everything is fine. If you didn’t log in, you know that your account has been compromised.


Used my account for a forum? Is their any other features that require this security?


That same account is the same one (and actually the same login flow) for the Cloudflare Dashboard, which can be more of a serious issue.


Why is the dash board a serious issue?


Not the dashboard, the login flow. It’s the same account for both. So you definitely want this emails.

If you receive it although you didn’t login, someone knows your password and is able to change everything and lock you out of your account. If you have 2FA activated, via Authy for example, you’re fine.


Not that anyone has my password but even if they had there is no significant risk as I use cloudflare DNS for DOH and nothing else. Am I correct?


You won’t need an account to use DoH. If the account has no domains in it, there are no big risks, that’s correct!


The point of my post is that I have an account to access the forum and I get email notifications that my IP address has changed from cloudflare.


And that’s correct, each login with a new IP triggers an alert to you. That’s standard security practice. Some even do it at every login regardless if the IP had changed or not.


That goes back to my orignal question. this is just a forum why is my IP being tracked?


It’s not being tracked, it’s know regardless. When the forum goes to the Cloudflare Login Service to check if your credentials are correct it says “this user with these credentials and these login cookies at this IP wants to login, should I allow it?”. Cloudflare will check against it’s log of logins and say a yes or a no. If it’s a new location the system will trigger a warning, just like Google does or Facebook. They have far more complex detections so not every time they trigger an alert, Cloudflare is a simpler check.


It isn’t just a forum, although in your case that seems to be the only feature you use. The same login mechanism is used for all Cloudflare services.


I understand that.

That is why my question. If I only sign up for the forum why should I get a email notification that my IP address has changed? What service on cloudflare requires knowledge of a users IP address that requires notification via email of an IP address change?


It’s not Cloudflare that needs to know this, it’s you. They will alert you of every login. If you receive a communication of a login from somewhere you are not you can take action.


I did not request this option? Can I turn it off?


I don’t think, but why you would want that is really beyond me.


Then Cloudflare is performing IP monitoring. A user logging in the IP address is checked for a difference for some reason.


I think this discussion will never end. Other than saying it’s from security reasons, explaining why and telling you that it’s standard industry practice there is nothing more I can do. The only solution would be to delete your account and not use the service anymore.

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