Why is repporting a different IP in liue of I have saved in my dashboard


I am furious, I’ve had Cloudflare for a decade now and I never had a problem. Ever. Till now, I don’t understand why a power outage at one data center will affect so many services like this and it wasn’t caught earlier and failed over. One of my subdomains is pointing to the correct IP, but is responding with a completely different IP. How was supposed to discover this, if I didn’t stumblingly fall onto it?

If your DNS record is proxied (:orange:) then it will resolve to a Cloudflare IP.

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Is that subdomain not working?

If you need further assistance, please post the hostname, and we’ll take a look.

That was quite an unfortunate outage. A fairly detailed breakdown of what happened is here, and should help with understanding the outcome:

It’s not and why it should be. I just went and re-saved the same IP without proxied. Now I am waiting. This begs the question, do I need to do this for EVERY domain?

P.S. I am not particularly upset at you, I just feel so let down here.

Right now, irc.bugzbunny.net is pointing to, who are they, and why is it pointing to that? I have no idea, what’s on my dashboard is

bugzbunny.net this domain is not using Cloudflare as the name servers.
They appear to be DNS101.REGISTRAR-SERVERS.COM and DNS102.REGISTRAR-SERVERS.COM. Does your zone show that it is active and not pending validation?

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From whois.com:

It looks like it just expired. Most registrars let you renew, even if it just expired. They might charge an extra fee, though.

I need to calm down, uh, that shouldn’t happen. I have had the domain for about few years now and it always have been on cloudflare.

EDIT: It did expire, should have auto-renewed. So it’s my fault,.

EDIT: It looks like I didn’t have auto-renew toggled on


Will, just changing Nameservers be enough to re-attach the domain to Cloudflare? I need help with that.

Yes, Cloudflare might not have recently scanned your name server setting to noticed an issue, so it would pick up right where it left off. At worst, it may have noticed, and would remind you to point your WHOIS to the Cloudflare name servers you were using before, then it’ll re-scan at some point and go active again.

Thanks, it actually started working as normal, pretty quickly from at least, just need to wait for propagation. I am sorry guyz, I really thought it was Cloudflare that broke it. I would probably have figured out what went down if I had my Linux machine and debugged it. I just quickly assumed it was Cloudflare problem because I read reports about accounts getting switched around.


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