Who's responsible to resolve Error 1014: CNAME Cross-User Banned


I would like some succinct support around my issue as to determine where the issue lies exactly and where it ultimately needs to be resolved.


I am a technologist running several businesses and to help market \ advertise these businesses I am positioning my own personal brand, Brand X. We use Cloudflare as our preferred DNS manager for all of our accounts and client accounts.

Brand X has chosen a third-party vendor Company K as the platform to use as it is a great platform for creatives, influencers, and personal brands.

To set up Custom Domains on the Company K platforms they require us to do two things 1) create a C NAME and point the WWW records to them in the form of www . brandx . com → brandx . companyk . com and secondly 2) create 301 redirects which I think for this support request is not entirely warranted to talk about.

Then once the Custom Domain setup is complete the URLs obviously get redirect across to Company K platform.


  1. The Brand X and Company K have separate Cloudflare accounts.

  2. Cloudflare does not allow for Cross-User C NAME records “Error 1014: C NAME Cross-User Banned”

  3. Company K states that Cloudflare has a block on brandx . com domain. If this is the case it will be my responsibility to request this block to be removed. Can you please remove this block?

Therefore, the URL C NAME does not work as Company K instructions intend it to work and the site resolves to a Cloudflare error page with the error message stated already.

Many conversations have been had between Company K and myself. I’m in the understanding and position that the issue is on Company K side, and they have to request for Cloudflare to allow the Cross-User C NAME record and perhaps the domain block is actually on their accounts side and therefore have to request to have the block removed also.

Company K’s stance is the block is on my side and I have to have this removed and that I have to request the Cross-User C NAME to proceed.

Appreciated Guidance and Assistance:

Company K and Brand X both appreciate that for security reasons and legal reasons neither of us can request to discuss the other’s account, and that is not my request. My request is for assistance to who needs to do what as to have this work.

· Does Brand X need to request Cloudflare to allow the C NAME record & lift the block?

· Does Company K need to request the C NAME records to be allowed and perhaps also request for brandx . com domain block to be removed?

· Perhaps there are things that both parties need to do? If so, what?

If the issue lies with me then that is good as we should be able to resolve it quickly. If it is in Cloudflare’s position that the issue is with Company K can you please advise what Company K needs to do as to resolve the matter? I will forward to them your comments on the matter.

I do hope I have set out the above explanation accurately as to describe the desired outcome (goal) and the current issue\s so as to move forward in a favourable timely manner.


As you noticed, Cloudflare does not allow CNAME records across different accounts by default.

To make an exception, the owner of the target account (companyk.com in your example) needs to setup Cloudflare for SaaS and add your domain (www.brandx.com) as a custom hostname.

Edit: Also, make sure your DNS record is set to DNS-only for now. You can create a DNS-only record if theirs is also DNS-only.

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Thank you Laudian,

It appears now that brandx . com is blocked. Will companyk . com have to request this to be removed?

How have you arrived at this conclusion and blocked from what exactly?

You need to

not :orange: Proxied.

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yes deffinately done. Did not work, the domain for Brand X is now no longer in Cloudflare - it has been deleted - and the issue remains

I will add the issue now is not the cross-account CNAME but either a DNS error or Cloudflare Block. When I check the domain resolution it switches between these error messages.

In that case, CompanyK has to set-up Cloudflare for SaaS to allow you to CNAME to their domain.

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