Whole *.pages.dev blocked in my country


This morning, I found out that my edu project is not opening in Russia after messages from my users. Then I tried by myself (I am also from Russia) and yeah, it’s longer available. I use Cloudflare Pages because they are cool to use.

Then, I tried some research. Firstly, I thought that this problem is about my website. But when I tried access https://pages.dev, I also got error ERR_CONNECTION_RESET

When it became obvious that it’s being blocked completely, I decided to check if this block comes from the government, and yes, it is.

pages.dev: реестр сайтов Роскомнадзора (rknweb.ru) Blocked resource (pre-trial block):

Reasons for pre-trial blocking of a website may include:

Child pornography;
Propaganda of drug addiction;
Propaganda of suicide.

Finally, all *.pages.dev sites are no longer available in Russia because some user hosted there inappropriate content.

Is there anything Cloudflare can do? I really love this service and it’s so sad that it’s being blocked because of some lack of moderation.


Probably, this website caused this block: KENTCASINO-GGR.PAGES.DEV

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I have the same problem. All my pages doesn’t work for Russian users.


Same here! None of the pages are working for me. Well, almost. I find it super weird but this one site still works for me, though I’m pretty sure my friends can’t access it. Just thought it could be useful