WhoKnows WooCommerce & CanHelp?

Sharing a recent inbox find as it’s about something that matters; we see a lot of WooCommerce posts on the Community, I know the skills are here.

From my local meetup, this group is looking for WooCommerce talent to help SF-EOC. The San Francisco COVID Central Command (SF Emergency Operations Center (SF-EOC)) at Moscone Center are doing important work to keep us all safe.

The job of the Cleaning and PPE Community Supply Unit is to provide cleaning products to households who test positive and households who are contact-traced and identified as at-risk for being COVID+. They’re using WooCommerce to manage requests for cleaning products from the various agencies engaging in COVID response. They could use a volunteer to help make some small tweaks to the site.

Calling all WooCommerce-skilled Community members who are interested in volunteering a few hours of their time to help keep the local community safe. This is the site that needs help: https://sf.civichub.us/. Please contact zach AT exygy DOT com for details. Thank you!

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