Whois verification pending

You haven’t verified the registrant email address for your domain registration.

That domain was registered through Namecheap.

Please contact them, if you require further assistance with the verification of your contact details.


how to contact
…there is no option

Look at Namecheap’s website for more information regarding that.

Perhaps Submit Ticket, or Live Chat?

Browsing to the mentioned domain, there is a “Chat with a Live Person” button in the bottom of the “Whois verification is pending” page.

How exactly does that equal “there is no option”?


namecheap said…this error comes from hosting

Nothing on the landing page says anything about hosting. It’s all about a verification email.

The email address you use for your Namecheap account isn’t on the build-interior.com domain, is it?


The error comes from Namecheap.

Namecheap is the only party that can help you…


yes right

but email is not received

That is likely because you have used an invalid email (e.g. by making a typo).

As the email doesn’t work (e.g. Namecheap sees that you aren’t reacting to it), your domain name has been suspended by Namecheap, for using an apparent invalid email.

Check the email / contact details through the Domain Management section, and update it, if necessary.

If that doesn’t help, you need to go through Namecheap Support.

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That’s like keeping the spare key for your car locked in your glove box.

If you really used an @build-interior.com email address, that domain isn’t configured for receiving email. There’s no MX record for it.

Cloudflare’s also not your web host. Just your DNS records, and website proxy.

You’re going to need to sort out your email issues first. And that’s going to have to be done with the help of whoever hosts your email. Just be sure that any new DNS records you add to get your email working need to be set to :grey: DNS Only.

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The e-mail is correct, the The first email was coming, now the email is not coming and the namcheap are saying that there is a hosting site problem so their is saying that everything is ok.

As you were told in your previous thread, if you are using a @build-interior.com email address you don’t have any MX records which is why your email isn’t working, and that is still the case…

You need to configure your email DNS records using the settings from your mail provider. Only you can do this in your account.

If you are using another email address to verify the domain with your provider, then you’ll need to look into why that isn’t working yourself.


but what to put IPV4 address

Assuming this :point_up_2: you need to ask your email provider for the relevant records to add to your DNS.

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email provider means : gmail ?

i am using gmail mail