Whois redaction costs and moving Microsoft Family 365 here

I have used various domain registrars and I am looking to combine them all. Cloudflare is one of the services I use and I quite liked the idea of bringing my domains here.

The question I have about registration is: Is there a cost for WHOIS redaction? I can see it is possible but I do not know whether it has a cost.

I also want to forward one of the domains to a Microsoft 365 Family account. Currently they only seem to support GoDaddy domains, however it feels like it should be just pointing the MX records at the right places. Has anyone got M365 Family personal mail address working with Cloudflare?

Wherever available, Cloudflare does provide free whois redaction


however, keep in mind, every domain you want to register with Cloudflare will have to use Cloudflare nameservers. If this is not an issue you can certainly move your domains.

Also, Cloudflare does not support all TLDs - https://www.cloudflare.com/en-gb/tld-policies/

As for your Microsoft question, as long as that works with MX records and has no nameserver requirements, you should be good. Also, Cloudflare’s forwarding service can forward to arbitrary email address, but I understand that’s not what you are looking for anyhow.

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That sounds good to me, I already have these domains so if they have requirements to not hide Whois I am already visible.

By nameserver requirement I assume you mean a specific nameserver they require you to use?


I don’t think they do then.

That said they do suggest not to use the same domain name as the email to login, so a better route may be as you suggested. Forward email to a different domain that is working with Microsoft. I’ve tried the email forwarding beta and it seems really good. So will likely move my domains here and do this…

If you use a domain for your Cloudflare login and that domain has connectivity issues, you might certainly experience difficulties when you need to verify it.

Please keep in mind that Cloudflare whoid redaction is not the same as using a whois privacy service typical of other registrars.

The main difference is that Cloudflares whois redaction does not in fact redact the county/state and country of the registrant. They cite ICANN rules for this, however my experience is that they apply this to ccTLD’s as well, which are mostly not under ICANN, which can lead to /weaker/ privacy.

For example, .uk domains do not reveal any registrant information for personal registrations via nominets own whois service. However, if I query a .uk CF regged domain via cloudflares rdap/whois service, the county is relealed. This is not good!

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