Whois query returning records that do not exist in my Cloudflare DNS entries

I have a domain name (robgt . com) currently registered at godaddy (and a plan to move registrars to cloudflare once things are working properly).
My site has been operational without issue until a couple of days ago when I made a change to my setup.
I needed to move the domain from my WORK cloudflare account to my PERSONAL account. The research I did on that suggested that there wasn’t an option to do this, outside of deleting the site from account 1, and setting it up again on site 2, so I did that.
Before deleting site 1, I exported the DNS entries from the cloudflare dashboard.

After creating the site in account 2, I imported the DNS entries, which made a bit of a mess accidentally duplicating things etc, so I removed everything, then imported once again, and all looked fine.

I updated the name server entries at godaddy to reflect the new name servers generated for my domain name on account 2, and then I waited…

The website no longer works, reporting too many redirects, and when I check the whois system for my DNS entries, there’s all sorts of stuff in there that doesn’t exist on my DNS setup, including IPv6 entries that do not show up on my cloudflare dashboard, and incorrect IP addresses for A records etc.

The site is hosted on a firebase hosting account, and the domain setup side of that is not picking up the new DNS updates - it still sees what the whois system also reports.

I made these changes 4 days ago, so it should have had plenty of time to update the DNS system.

Whois reports the correct name servers for the domain, so I really don’t understand how incorrect DNS information is also reported.

I can only think something went wrong through the process of what I have done, but I don’t know what.

I think maybe I messed up the order of things by creating the site under account 2 before deleting it from account 1, but I am not sure if that could even be a problem.

Any thoughts, input or help would be greatly appreciated!

Well, I think I can’t use proxied DNS when hosting on firebase… as firebase apparently needs to see the actual DNS entries it is expecting, and not the cloudflare proxied IP addresses, when it checks DNS setup.
Turning prroxied off now resolves the site.

Leaving this up in case anyone else encounters the same “issue”.



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