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I am looking for a single registrar to put all of my domain names under as a have a few spread across multiple registrars.

Mt questions is, one of my registrars offers Whois Privacy Free for life, which others charge for this. If I transfer all my domains to CloudFlare, what happens with my Whois privacy, and doe CloudFlare charge for this?? I know they have something called Whios Redaction, but Im not fully understanding what this does whit a whois lookup.


Cloudflare is a good one to consider, no markup & whois redaction.

Cloudflare Registrar will also be offering personal data redaction on WHOIS, that meets current ICANN guidelines, for free. Broadcasting the registrant contact information, via the WHOIS service, can invite mountains of spam to your personal addresses. Like your domain, your privacy should not come at a markup.

Docs here, https://developers.cloudflare.com/registrar/domain-registration/whois-redaction/

And introductory blog here:

TLDs supported here:

Whois redaction sounds similar in concept to “Whois Privacy Free for life”. It looks like this:

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