Whois Privacy Isn't Private Much

So yesterday i did a whois search of my domain registered with Cloudflare Registrar.
Previously the data (State & Country) were not visible, they were redacted. now it is clearly shown.
i checked for other domains registered with Cloudflare, all are now showing the State & Country.
i checked via whois.com and who.is.
So is this a bug? or the State & Country will be shown forever now?

Thanks to anyone who will make time to read and answer this :slight_smile:

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A quick look around the forum does show more people are “surprised” about this.
I can’t find official posts about technical changes but it seems not only CF has made that change. More registrars now show the country (and if possible a state) for registered domains.

If anyone finds any official documentation or has more knowledge on this I am curious as well.

The other post from this forum I found about this topic from 6 days ago:

more registrars now show the country??
okay. but i have domains spread over multiple registrars, some personal domains are on Google Domains, Client Domains on NameCheap, family domains on Gandi.net and my very own work domains are on Dynadot. But not even one of them shows the country or state information (ofcourse, when privacy sheild is on)
i have checked other domain registrars too, enom and namesilo and even godaddy so can u tell which domain registrar now shows the country? i am curious to know.

I tested it with Freenom, Previder, and Porkbun. Though for all I am not 100% sure if they are showing the country of the registrars or the country of the person who registered the domain.

As I am not from the US I can’t say for sure about states showing up.