WHOIS is not working properly

This keep happening when I try to collect some domains info
“WHOIS information currently unavailable.
Try again later or lookup another domain.”
Tried using this domain: r3mgo.com

WHOIS website is working properly tho, it shows all the information needed for the domain

Any issue with CF Radar?

I can see on using whois your domain name is registered and active at squarespace domains.
Using googledomains.com nameservers and DNSSEC is enabled and good.

I got this result on Cloudflare WHOIS:

I am not sure 100% why the result differs or cannot be found on https://rdap.cloudflare.com/.

Seems like 404 error when it tries to request https://rdap.cloudflare.com/rdap/v1/whois/r3mgo.com .

Thanks, it also happens with another domains. It seems to be some issue with CF.
Whois website search is 100% working

But not CF Radar.

Not sure why you’re seeing the problem – seems to be working OK now.

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I’m not sure we’re you are seeing that, but it still fails using rdap.cloudflare.com whether set to RDAP or Whois protocol.

One of my esteemed colleagues has shared that this is the expected behavior when using the Cloudflare RDAP/whois portal. It is not a general purpose online whois tool. It only interfaces with the Cloudflare registrar records. Domains that are not registered with Cloudflare will not be found.

The page actually indicates that when first loaded.

The emphasis in the quote below is mine:

Search domains registered with Cloudflare.


That screenshot is from https://radar.cloudflare.com/domains/domain/r3mgo.com

I can verify that the query is failing on rdap.cloudflare.com for both RDAP and WHOIS. However, the rdap system is not owned by the Radar team.


Hey, thanks for your reply.
Yes, it is working now, but previously I was having 504 error.
504 Server Error: Gateway Time-out for URL.

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It is not a general purpose online whois tool.

Got it. I was using it to make an enrichment for a specific alert we have.

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Hi @epic.network, sorry to tag you directly.

I found this domain, startups.com.br, and it is registered in CF.
When I try to use URL checker, it returns “unlisted”;
Scan ID:
https://radar.cloudflare.com/scan/173b3945-eeb2-4142-8b28-91e3d236f1ed Failed

Submitted URL:
Report Finished:
Feb 14, 2024 19:48:01 Unlisted
Error: Network error when attempting to load page

This is a WHOIS direct search:

domain: startups.com.br
owner: GB Servi?os de Informa??o e Comunica??o
owner-c: GSICO3
tech-c: APMLT33
nserver: aragorn.ns.cloudflare.com
nsstat: 20240212 AA
nslastaa: 20240212
nserver: fiona.ns.cloudflare.com
nsstat: 20240212 AA
nslastaa: 20240212
created: 20080227 #4276103
changed: 20240130
expires: 20270227
status: published

nic-hdl-br: GSICO3
person: GB Servi?os de Informa??o e Comunica??o
created: 20210805
changed: 20230525

nic-hdl-br: APMLT33
person: Apiki Multim?dia LTDA
created: 20140317
changed: 20230524

  1. Why is it failing?
  2. In your previous comment,

Domains that are not registered with Cloudflare will not be found.
The page actually indicates that when first loaded

Where can I find this information?



What information? Are you asking where the notice is that Cloudflare’s Whois and RDAP site only returns data for domains that are registered with Cloudflare registrar? It is right on the home page.

Yes, a generic error. Thank you anw, ill open a ticket.

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