Whois information shared across all domain in account

Why is the whois information shared for all domains in an account? I take care of a few domains for friends and family and with other registrar I’m also tech/zone contact, but it is possible to specify a different owner/admin-c of the domain.

But according to Domain management/whois information in Cloudflare “the contact information is shared across all domains in your Cloudflare account.” so I would always be sole contact for the domain?!


Cloudflare accounts are intended for individual use. Consider setting them up under individual accounts (per owner) and granting your account admin access, this will let you manage the domains without taking ownership.


I have the same issue: differents domains ownership in the same account (these domains were in this account previusly to Cloudflare become a Registrar). Now is a bit trouble to move each domain to differents acconts (change DNS, settings, and so on), then transfer Registrar to Cloudflare, to simple get the ability to change whois info.
I don’t was warned of this limitation before transfer severals domains to Cloudflare.
To Cloudflare developers: PLEASE consider enabling individual whois info in each domain name (as all registrars do), no matter how many domains you have in the same account. Otherwise we are forced to have innacurate info for each domain.
Thank you!!

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I agree with the idea that Cloudflare accounts are for personal use, but I can’t agree that so the information of whois needs to be shared.

Many traditional domain name registrants are also personal accounts, but provide different domain names using different whois information.

The domain name in the account is used for different business. The information of the domain name owner and the information of the technical person in charge can be different. I can’t understand why it must be the same.


I’m satisfied with the Cloudflare services, but this shared whois is not in line with quality of other services, I hope for an upgrade, thank you

I too would like to have different records per domain. Please allow for this scenario!

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Same here, friend asked to register a domain for him, why should I create numerous accounts for that?

Yes. An account should be used for a single controlling entity, customer, person etc.

Because (in my opinion at least), it’s the correct way to do this. The domain is not yours, so should not be in your name. If a lawyer does the paperwork for you to buy a house, do they put their own name on the deeds, or yours? Domains are no different.

If you are helping a friend set up and use Cloudflare, then they should create an account, and they can add you as an admin user.

If you are a web design company, you have the option of a partner setup, which enables you to create and manage multiple accounts for your customers.

Similarly, I would recommend that you always register your own domains yourself, and always have direct control of the DNS. This way no third party can hold them to ransom (and we have seen this several times on the forum).

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This is especially important for domains as you cannot move a domain from one Cloudflare account to another.

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Just landed on this thread with the exact same problem. I’d like to move a load of domains over which are run/billed to me but owned by others. Never been a problem anywhere else.

Creating individual cloudflare logins for each of them is just a complete pain, especially for those who are not technical so would be done by any anyway.

To add to the long list of other users who are frustrated by this, add my name to that list. Yes I can setup multiple CF accounts just to manage the whois information on multiple domains etc. I already have four CF accounts between two work ones and two personal ones, I really don’t want to compound the issue.