Whois information not redacted on Cloudflare domains

I have purchased a few domains from Cloudflare. However, when I did a whois lookup from another computer, I noticed that my name, email address, and phone number are publicly visible…and I’m receiving spam messages.

I thought whois information was redacted by default. How can I enable this feature?


It is.

We saw a similar report recently and another a while back. The earlier report was related to/share by hosting that was purchased at the same time as the domain. What is the domain and we can do a quick check to ensure the information is not appearing?

Alternatively, if you can create a Registrar ticket https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/support and share the details here then please share your ticket number so that we can flag it for our Registrar colleagues.

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Ticket number is #2783057

thank you!

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Thank you, I have added myself to your ticket to track progress.

Note that the .US registry requires that domain contact data is displayed in the public WHOIS database. Redaction and/or use of WHOIS privacy services is prohibited. This is a registry policy that all registrars must comply with.

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Well THAT I didn’t know! thanks. Hmm…guess I’ll need to change the number then and just use spam filters for the rest.


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