WHOIS info for domains moved to Cloudflare

Hello there!

A couple of days ago I opted to move all of my domains from GoDaddy to Cloudflare. In order to make the switch to Cloudflare possible, I did have to remove the ability to mask my WHOIS information for these domains. I realize I still have over a week before the transfer is completely finished, but once it is complete, is there any way to mask my WHOIS information like I did before? I would prefer that my name and street address not be made available to the public when a WHOIS query is run.

Thanks for your help!

Cloudflare always masks WHOIS info.

Thanks for the quick reply and for the info! That answers my question.

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Was this required by your old registrar? I’m pretty sure it’s not a CF rule.

In the FAQ, it states that GoDaddy customers must remove private registration prior to transferring.


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“Remove WHOIS privacy: Certain registrars, including larger ones like GoDaddy, prohibit transfers while you have WHOIS privacy services enabled.”

Thanks mdogg - I guess I missed that.

It’s all good bro.

You have todo the same when transferring from NameCheap. However as long as your domain registrar gives you the manual transfer approval option it should be visible for only a short time. For me I was able to complete the transfer within 10-20 minutes depending on the TLD.