Whois domain name privacy

Hello I am hosted at ionos I added cloudflare to my domain name but in the whois we still see ionos how to hide it? please

You mean you changed the nameservers?

You can’t hide the nameservers from whois. Nor the registrar (which I’m assuming is IONOS.)

What is the domain?

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I read that as you added a zone (domain/site) to cloudflare and are using cloudflare for dns and cdn.

They are your domain Registrar, that is the place where you purchased your domain and their contact details (and yours) will show up in the whois.

You may be able to purchase whois protection from ionos for an additional price. An option is to transfer the domain registration from ionos to Cloudflare Registrar. I did that with my ionos domains in part for the free whois protection via Cloudflare Registrar but mostly because Cloudflare Registrar is a no markup service. I’ve posted previous about the savings, something in excess of 60% savings with the comment that I want that same discount on everything I buy, it’s great.

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