Who to contact regarding 500 error responses trying to access Cloudflare community pages?

While on my company VPN, I cannot access Clouflare’s community.cloudflare.com discussions.
I am experiencing the same issue with other websites protected by Cloudflare services.

Web server response codes are: 500 Internal Server Error
Response headers specify “Sever: Cloudflare”

I would like to know who I can contact about this? I do not have a Cloudflare enterprise account, so any tickets generated are just met with automated responses.

We saw some reports of this over the last week, if it happens again can you share a screenshot?

Unfortunately the support email address just led to an automated response indicating that I’m not a Cloudflare customer.

The error happens consistently. I’ve attached a slightly redacted version of the response headers.

y, that was an incorrect reply on this thread, you should not have been directed to Support, sharing the image here is what we were looking for.

Is it just on Community you are hitting the error?

I’m getting the 500 error on various websites belonging to Cloudflare customers as well. I haven’t confirmed what additional Cloudflare owned domains may be experiencing this.
If I switch off my company’s proxy, the sites load normally using the same web browser window.

I can access the main community.cloudflare.com domain, but get the error when trying to access the discussions. Similarly with other sites, I can typically access the front end and then receive the 500 error when trying to access pages with meaningful data.

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Quick question: Is this issue for certain areas of the world only or is everyone affected? I haven’t gotten a single 500 error yet so…

I am experiencing this while making requests from a specific originating network. I do not experience the issue once I switch to a different network. So I don’t know if it’s some IP blacklisting at play or what else it could be.

If you are familiar with running a trace that will tell you where the affected network is failing

Apart from running tracert, which will not effectively work for me, I am not aware of an option to reliably trace the entire route.

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