Who registered the domain?

My new client’s domain uses Cloudflare nameservers and we want to keep it that way but make some updates. But no one knows who registered the domain with Cloudflare in the first place. How do we find out so we can contact them to make updates and/or let us switch it?

Hi @bill15, this issue comes up from time to time on this site. Customer Support can only work with the registered account owner and cannot offer any assistance at recovering the login, you really do need to know the email of the person that added the domain to cloudflare. You could ask folks to search for cloudflare.com emails from the time of the signup.

Assuming you cannot locate the person, your only option is to add the domain to your current account and update the nameservers to the two assigned to you. Depending upon configuration and DNS records, this may be an easy process or may be very involved, but there are a lot of #tutorials to guide you through the process, Community Tutorials.

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