Who is hosting our old website?


Our old domain “lemberge.be” is active again and the old website is back online? When I look at whois, it seems to be hosted by cloudflare (NS) and registerd by registrar.eu
The old website contains wrong (old) emailadresses so we need to find out who to contact so we can ask to take the content offline.

Any idea’s on this pls? Thx.

So is that still your domain or not? If not, you cannot take anything “offline” unless it is in some form of legal violation.

It currently uses the nameservers you have shown in your screenshot and if these are not the correct ones you’d need to go to your registrar and change them. That is, of course, under the assumption that is your domain.

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Hi Sandro,

No, it’s not our domain anymore and that’s no problem, the problem is that our old website is online again (they don’t have our old webspace or so?).

When I look at the registrar it says:

I also did the “contact domainholder” but no reaction on that…

So actually someone is useing out old website without our permission and it makes people confused…

You can file a report at cloudflare.com/abuse and state that they are using your content on that site.

The situation is a bit unorthodox as it would seem someone registered your domain, crawled your site before that, and now put your site back online. Not sure why someone would do that.


Thx for that information, will try that way!

We don’t have a clue who would have done this or why but will fill in the abuse form.

Yeah, the abuse form will be the best course of action in that case. State that the new owner owns the domain legitimately but not the content and put that back online. He legally owns the domain, but not the content. Even if the content would certainly “match” the domain.

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